What is Deep Leaguer?

Our mission here at Deep Leaguer is simple.  We want to dig a little deeper than your traditional fantasy analysis.  We want to look beyond the dozens of articles and advice on "THE TOP EIGHT 1B OMG!!!!1!!"  The internet is saturated with that nonsense and if you're mildly knowledgeable at fantasy then you already know those players.  We want to help out the folks that need to find that extra little strand of meat on the bone.  We want to help the guy who plays in a 20 team league and truly stresses over things like, "Does picking up Kirk Nieuwenhuis help my team this week?"

Does that mean fantasy managers in small leagues shouldn't bother with our site?  Heck no!  Our writing and advice can be applied there as well.  While we may tout a player as a good start in a 18 man league, that same guy could be a nice sleeper to stash in a 10 man league as well.

And above all we just want to folks to come and be entertained.  We love fantasy and want to share our stories and humor with you.


Jake the Terrible Cubs Fan