Welcome To Deep Leaguer (Again?)

Deep Leaguer has been around since 2010. So why are you just now seeing it for the first time?

Because we're awful. Really bad. We get distracted easily and binge drink. We say we "don't have time for this shit", even though we have nothing but time. And we have attention spans that can only be measured in nanoseconds.

Captain Beefjuice and I have had a history of being involved with websites that start off with a bang and quickly flame out, never to be heard from again. And most of the time, the bang isn't very big. After first teaming up on a slightly-respectable Cubs blog, we were never able to repeat the successes of our early career. Sure, we've hung around in one form or another for years, but things haven't been the same.

So yes, we're kind of the Eric Hinske of bloggers. Ironically, Eric Hinske is kind of the reason we're here.

See, the main league the Captain and I are obsessed involved with is a 20 team baseball league (5 keepers, OBP instead of AVG). Back in 2010, we were complaining about a lack of fantasy baseball/football sites for leagues that are bigger than the standard 10-12 teams. 2 years later, we're finally(?) motivated enough to do something about it.

So what can you expect from us? Fantasy baseball advice/opinions on everything you can think of, with a lot of content geared toward those of us who play in leagues deep enough where, yes, even Eric Hinske is someone that needs to be owned from time to time.

Podcasts are also coming, so we'll be all up in that earhole soon enough.

Have any fantasy baseball questions? I'm sure Captain Beefjuice will set up an email address soon.

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